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Website Overview:

This website compiles assessment data to report deficiencies by building system, insular area, schools and buildings. The homepage provides system-level data summaries for all territories and schools. Data from the condition assessments was collected during the following time periods:

  • Northern Mariana Islands - August to October 2012
  • Guam - October to December 20
  • American Samoa - January to February 2013
  • U.S. Virgin Islands - March to April 2013

Insular area, island, school, and building condition assessment data can be accessed by clicking on an insular area and then using the “Navigate To” drop down list to select the desired level of detail.

Insular Area and Island pages show regional system and school deferred maintenance (DM), weighted scores, and facility condition index (FCI) summaries. Insular area reports can be downloaded via the Reports link on the Insular Area page.

In addition to DM, score, and FCI summaries, School pages provide graphical indications of building composite and system-level assessment scores. Additional school details are also provided.

Building pages include DM, score, and FCI summaries as well as elements inspected in each system, scores given, comments, and selected photos of deficiencies. Additional building details are also provided.

Key terms:
  • Score – based on a simple 1 to 5 rating system, five meaning no DM and 1 meaning major DM; zero indicates the item is not present but is a standard requiring full installation
  • DM – deferred maintenance: the total cost of needed repairs for work that should have been performed but was delayed for a future period
  • H/S DM – health and safety DM: deficiencies flagged by inspectors indicating immediate risks to students and staff
  • CRV or cost – current replacement value: the total sum of estimated costs for elements assessed (at system, building, school, island, or insular area levels)
  • FCI – facility condition index: the DM percentage of total CRV (at all levels); this calculation can help identify the magnitude of particular problems regardless of cost

DM estimates, based on approximate building values derived from locally adjusted cost components, were estimated for reporting and planning purposes only and are not meant to determine exact building values or project costs.